In 1992 the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Minorities Declaration by consensus. It grants to persons belonging to minorities: protection by States, of their existence and their national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity. The right to enjoy their own culture, to profess and practise their own religion, and to use their own language in private and in public . We work to advance minority group rights and protection.


Educating children is a great deed and gives us a lot of satisfaction when we see girls going to schools, talking positive about their future, reading news, etc. We feel all the more happy to see grin on their parents’ faces as they acknowledge the fact that now there is no difference between a girl and a boy child, and education is everyone’s right. In 2018, we will be targeting 100 more villages and we want volunteers who would like to join the mission to train and support child’s right to education and self determination.

Together we can change the world.

Global Justice World helps economically and socially disenfranchised residents living with low income to develop the power to determine their future by providing education, food, clothing, medical care, pro bono legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty. We seek justice through community organizing and public advocacy. We work to uproot racism. We are committed to serving our communities with dignity and respect that all people deserve. 
At Global Justice World Charitable Trust, We are motivated by a responsibility to engage with the rest of the world as peace advocates in a meaningful, mutually beneficial dialogue, through peace and conflict resolutions mechanisms. 


At Global Justice World Charitable Trust, we believe action speaks—and works—louder—and better—than words. Its effectiveness and productivity, more often than not, are more than what words alone can achieve. As such, proactive, direct action is at the heart of our humanitarian campaigns and programmes.

We understand that this fragile Earth and its vulnerable peoples deserve helping hands and voices of hope. They crave durable solutions. They desire positive action. They seek positive change.

Ready to change the world.

Those are the very things we are and stand for. We wish to see change—positive change—in the world, and we strive to always be that very change. We believe in positive change and really live it. We know that anything short of that is dishonesty and double-dealing. YOU too can be of immense help in so many ways. You can find out about openings in our organisation. You can also click here to contact our office to find out how you can volunteer. You can as well click here to become our financial supporter.

About Us

Global Justice World Is a humanitarian support membership organization dedicated to the promotion of peace and tolerance between Indians and foreign Nationals. As a humanitarian organization, we promote Indo African rights. We provide general support on key Identified issues. Read More

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